Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Wazifa For Love Marriage


  1. Can you say in English please? I cannot read Urdu


  2. there are 4 wazaefs mentioned so which one you want to do or explain your problem with you mother and your name including your exact date of birth. Therefore, you would be guided properly.

  3. can I contact you privately somehow? don't want to give details in public

    1. yes you can approach me on roohaniilaaj13@gmaill.com

  4. How long do we do this wazifah for? ?

    1. 21, 41, 99 or upto the completion of your task. you will be successful in your aim Inshallah but do this with full confidence on Allah Subhanahu wa Tala. but you must do:
      1- give Sadqa according to your financial position before its start.
      2- Say your 5 times prayers regularly.
      3- Recite Qurat daily as you can recite easily.
      4- Speaks always truth
      5- Keep full confidence on Allah

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  6. black magic is haram plz stay away from these things

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  8. I m doing 2nd wala wazifa from last 6 days
    kindly tell me how many no of days I have to do ?